We live in a world where everything must be defined and have a label. So often people ask me what I do and how I help others to heal. And it's such a tough question to answer. Even in asking my clients to describe the work they usually say, "its hard to explain... you just have to experience it.” And that takes a blind leap of faith. Which is why most of my clients come through word of mouth.

The best way to explain how I work is to explain what motivates me, and all the levels in which I work to create a space of healing.

I've always been passionate about helping people to empower themselves. To be able to feel good about yourself and how you operate in the world is probably the most powerful and contagious feeling a human can experience. I started out on my journey of healing without knowing it, of course. From a young age I was very aware of how people were actually feeling as opposed to how they were acting. It was very frustrating to see and feel so much pain in others. These experiences instilled in me a great passion for easing others suffering. I found myself praying to be a conduit for healing, a vessel of hope and light. 

Craniosacral therapy

As I got older I found a healthy outlet to help people move from their physical pain and debilitating emotional patterns. It is a subtle yet powerful form of body and energy work. It taught me anatomy and gave me a medical foundation to explore how the body reacts to thought and energy. From there I found people coming to me for physical issues, especially chronic or terminal. The healing my clients experienced were profound if not miraculous.  I couldn't help but feel immense gratitude at witnessing the healing of others. 


Very quickly people started to come to me with emotional and spiritual difficulties. I was in NO WAY schooled or qualified to assist and yet somehow very wise and helpful thoughts and pictures came to my consciousness. I was raised catholic so it never occurred to me that angelics or divine spirits were communicating to me and through me. At first I was totally freaked out but slowly started to surrender to what I can only call a loving divine presence, which is always nudging me to help others. My intuitive abilities continued to grow and deepen as I realized it wasn't the tool of the devil but gentle loving energy. I started working over the phone with clients across the country and could easily see the dysfunction in their bodies, see the qualities of their relationships and work environments, and heard guidance on how to help them move healthily from their dilemmas.

~ Whether you are stuck in a rut physically, emotionally or spiritually, you are experiencing a major drain and distraction in your life.  My desire is to help you move out of solely existing into fully living an empowered life full of passion. ~